Mixing (Summary)

Mixing applies to Stems and Multitracks.

  • Mixing Equalization: All primary mixing equalization is accomplished through the iZotope Neutron 3 Advanced 12-Band Dynamic EQ. In terms of power, accuracy, and transparency, very few equalizers (software or hardware) have the ability to compete. This is generally the first plugin sequence utilized for a true sound-sculpting approach: completely hand-tailored to bring out the very best in the music at hand. 
  • Mixing Compression: We use the finest compression plugin gear available on the market today. 
    • All mixing compression is used judiciously depending on the instrument type’s sonic signature (sometimes little or no compression is called for). 
    • Classic compression emulations are sometimes employed for the beautiful sonic color they can impart. 
    • The correct use of different compression types, per instrument, can greatly aid in increased depth, clarity, and instrument separation. 
  • Effects: The proper (and prudent) use of effects is essential for creating the realism (such as performance room emulation) or fiction (such as a cosmic reverberation) desired! 
  • Saturation: An absolute key in distinguishing primary instrumentation (such as vocals) in a mix is the proper (and judicious) use of saturation and distortion software. We have narrowed our arsenal down to the very best: from likes of Klanghelm, Soundtoys, Eventide, and Sonimus (for example).
  • Panning: We extensively use the iZotope Neutron 3 Visual Mixer and all of it’s amazing capabilities! 
  • Imager Modeling: Allowing fine adjusts to the stereo width of an instrument. There’s nothing we have found better for the final treatment of an instrument… true depth, height, and width in the stereo field.

* Please note that a new stereo master, per song, is necessary after any mixing processes.

    Mastering (Summary)

    Mastering applies to Tracks (Songs).

    • Master Equalization
      • Low, Mid, and High Peak Frequency (Cut or Boost) 
      • Low, Mid, and High Peak Attenuations (Center) 
      • Low, Mid, and High Peak Bandwidths (Quality) 
    • Tube gain stage emulation: extremely realistic and detailed dynamic response tube emulation. Not mere saturation, but the addition of true even and odd order harmonics (vacuum tube characteristics), making tracks instantly sound more rich, lively, and three-dimensional. 
    • High and Low Pass Filters (if applicable to specific track). 
    • Master Compression: Gain, ratio, attack, and release settings adjusted “to taste.” 
    • Master Limiter
      • Peak Limitation Settings
      • High-Frequency Limitation Settings
      • Clip protection module: ISP & Digital 
    • Dynamics Module (End of Chain): Proper application of this module yields amazing sonic results. These results include over-all placements to whole frequency groups in the actual stereo field (stage). In turn, these placements yield “imaging” and “transparency” sonics that are truly beyond description!

    All mastering is professionally metered throughout to maintain exact industry loudness and peak standards. We aim to maintain a maximum True Peak of -1.0 dB. Also, for our initial Integrated Loudness (LUFS), we shoot for an average of around -14.0 dB (varies per music genre). Finished productions are delivered at a minimum of 16-bit 44.1kHz (Redbook Standard WAV files).

      Mixing and Mastering (Pricing)

      $75.00 per hour (pricing quotes provided based on project criteria). 

      Song Instrumentation

      Are you looking for additional instrumentation to enhance your song? We offer industry-standard VST recording methodologies, instrumentation, and orchestral supplementation. In this regard, we specialize in bass-lines (acoustic, upright, electric, digital, etc.)  and "keys" (piano, digital pianos, organs, etc.) and offer an amazing variety of instrument models and effects to choose from. Feel free to contact us for more information.

      Custom Artist Graphics

      Do you need an amazing album cover, artist logo, or website graphics? We offer professional level graphic design services to bring your artist brand to the next level! Please contact us for details.